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Requirements: Students must have completed two or more work sessions or be in process of completing the second work session at the time of nomination. Eligible students must hold (or have held) a position of leadership within one the college’s registered student organizations (ex. ASCE).
How to Apply: Each candidate must submit the cover sheet, a resume, and a statement (250 words approximately) addressing the criteria listed below for the award which are applying. Applications are due middle of spring semester of each year. Specifics can be obtained by emailing

This is a competitive scholarship based on your EGR X Experiences and is not directly connected to tuition for the EGR X Courses.


The Leslie L. Leone Cooperative Education Award for Excellence, named after Les Leone, in recognition of his long tenure as the director of the cooperative education program in the College of Engineering at Michigan State University, his belief in the process of learning outside the confines of the classroom, including travel, research, and career-related work experiences. Recognizing that those who choose to fully embrace their university experience may stay around a little longer, but be all the better for it.
This award is presented to the student who has completed two or more experiential education opportunities while at Michigan State University. These experiences must include at least two traditional cooperative education (EGR X) semesters, and can include study abroad, internships, and undergraduate research. The student has demonstrated the depth of their learning across experiences in an essay and personal interview with the awards committee.
The Frank J. Hatfield “Build it Better”Award named after Professor Emeritus of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, in recognition of his initial groundwork and long time support of the Cooperative Education program in the College of Engineering.  As a structural engineer, Frank recognized the need and created a strong foundation for the cooperative education program that currently exists in the College.
This award is presented to the student who has completed no more than two credited cooperative education assignments and has demonstrated how their early experiences are building the foundation for enhancing their learning and reinforcing their engineering education.
Thomas F. Wolff Cooperative Education Student Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding student enrolled in the College of Engineering undergraduate program who has participated in a Cooperative Education between January and December of the previous year AND have held a position of leadership within the college’s student organizations (prior to application; min of 1 full semester). Students must fill out an application to be considered for the award.

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