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It is the policy of the college of engineering that any undergraduate international student who is participating in an on or off campus work experience and requesting a CPT should be enrolled in EGR X for the semester that they are working. Learn more about the course here


CPT Request Process for the College of Engineering

Approvals will require a 48 hour processing time.

1. Submit the appropriate forms (below) to Dr. Friedrich at

A. Complete, sign and submit the CPT form 

B. Submit an Employment Letter signed by employer on company/business letterhead giving the following information:  Job title, Beginning and ending dates of employment, Wage/salary/remuneration, Number of hours per week to be worked, Full address of employer, Brief description of work

2. Enroll in appropriate EGR X section (Learn more about the course here.)


Applications will be reviewed/approved/denied by Dr. Friedrich. 

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