It is the policy of the college of engineering that any international student who is participating in an on or off campus work experience and requesting a CPT should be enrolled in EGR X for the semester that they are working. Learn more about the course here


CPT Request Process for the College of Engineering

Approvals will require a 48 hour processing time.

1. Complete and submit the above form. 

2. Submit Employment Letter signed by employer on company/business letterhead giving the following information:  

                                               i.      Job title 

                                              ii.      Beginning and ending dates of employment 

                                             iii.      Wage/salary/remuneration

                                             iv.      Number of hours per week to be worked 

                                              v.      Full address of employer 

                                             vi.      Brief description of work

3. Enroll in appropriate EGR X section (Learn more about the course here.)


Applications will be reviewed/approved/denied by Dr. Friedrich. Questions? Email Dr. Friedrich at


Call us: (517) 355-5113

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