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Honors Option for EGR X is only available for students in EGR 392, 493, 494. Request must be submitted by week two of Semester. See details below.


The Honors Option activities will include a choice of one of the following:

1. A research paper that identifies one of the ABET outcomes, the significance of this outcome for the academic preparation of a professional engineer, and the method by which the student feels they have achieved this outcome.

2. An in-depth analysis and report of one technical aspect of the work experience.

3. A Student initiated project/concept that is pre-approved by faculty member.

4. An analysis of a book/movie as it relates to the past, present or future of the field of engineering.

Per the Honors College requirements, an Honors Option is more extensive or more advanced work than is required of all students in a regular course. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project.

In EGR X the Honors Options activities and assignments will be in addition to the regular coursework. Regular coursework currently consists of a series of mini-assignments of discussion questions and a final project/paper.


Multiple Face to Face Meetings are unlikely, but you should plan on discussing progress of project at least one time during the semester.

Any submitted assignment must include a minimum of five double-spaced pages and outside sources and citations.  


Complete the Honors College Honors Option Agreement by week two of the Semester. 

  • Make sure you have prepared a strong concept for your additional honors work.

  • You can prepare several options for consideration, just include all with your form.

Missed this Deadline, talk to Dr. B

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